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Up and running!

Hey guys!

Been at the Ottawa International Animation Festival for the past week networking my butt off and attending more screenings and talks than your body has room for.  That being said, it showed me I had to up my ante so I’ve transitioned* from Tumblr to WordPress.

*It should be noted, I’m still getting the hang of this site so if things aren’t 100% perfect for a while, I apologize.  That being said, I’m thinking it looks pretty good at the moment so I’m going to go back to working on my current project: a long-term Flash animation that I plan to finish by December 2013 (this is the project my backgrounds are from, by the way!).  Script and backdrops are done, now on to dialogue recording and lip syncing!  Wish me luck, and thank you for checking out my website!



Hi guys!

So you’ve crawled through a wardrobe, looking glass, or other force of nerdy goodness and found my website.  If you take a peek up above this post, you’ll see a few pages.  To the right of this page (and hopefully all the pages, if I did my HTML right) is my contact information, but you can also leave a comment on any of the pages!