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Project Update 11/13

The temptation to avoid working on the most difficult scene in my entire project finally faded and I’ve been working on Scene Two for a week or two now.  I have all the shots set up and have a few animated and lip synced already but in between working on that I’ve also been writing my proposal for the President’s Research Award at SMFA.  Trying to get funding for better quality audio recording equipment and headphones.  I’m turning my proposal (as well as scenes one, three, and excerpts from two) in today–wish me luck!


Mylie’s New Character Design

Some of you may know I’ve been struggling with the character design of one of my characters.  Below were her first 2 incarnations:


This still wasn’t really working for me though.  I clung on to the idea that her shorter hair style would make her unique enough from the other female character but when I started animating their first scene together I realized they still looked alarmingly similar.  So I went back to the drawing board and eventually came up with Mylie Nash 2.0


Project Update 10/19



I officially have all my dialogue recorded!  Very exciting.  Onto audio editing and then more lip-syncing!  Just downloaded the Creative Cloud and will be trying “Adobe Audition” on for size, so we’ll see how that goes!

Next up on the agenda is Scene 3 from my upcoming project (should really come up with a name for that bad boy!)–see a still from that scene below.


This is the next scene I’m going to be lip-syncing and animating, wish me luck!


Project Update

So I haven’t been adding a lot to the site lately mainly because I’m working on the sound-design elements of my animation (recording dialogue, editing dialogue, hunting for wild SFX with my tadpole net, oh my!) but scene one is officially all lip-synced and progress is being made slowly but surely.

Character Design Update

Hey guys!

So my tablet is in the process of being replaced, hence my slowed progress in terms of the character designs.  I’ve put up what I’m done with but the completed, coloured versions haven’t been 100% revised yet–but will be soon!

Also, am thinking about adding a page for my storyboards.  Maybe just an example or two–but maybe not!  If anyone feels strongly either way, let me know!

Demo Reel

Hey guys!

So we’re mostly up and running–obviously things like the background/character design pages will continuously update as I finish more images, but there is one thing that is still in the wings: the demo reel.  I’m currently updating what footage to put in my updated reel and I’m almost there!  Expect it within the next 2 weeks!  Everything else will be posted as it’s finalized, hopefully pretty frequently!